Article in Bakery and Snacks

LHT Consultancy and Eagle Vision create Dirty Tray Vision system

 By Jenny Eagle

LHT Consultancy and Eagle Vision are showcasing their Dirty Tray Vision system (DTV) at ProSweets 2016 this week, which can get rid of problems associated with poorly filled starch trays in the confectionery and bakery industry.


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Article in Deltavorm

LHT Consultancy and Eagle Vision develop DTV-System

“Break-through innovation ‘Dirty Tray Vision System’ for starch depositing lines”

LHT Consultancy and Eagle Vision have developed a high-tech automatic quality monitoring system for starch depositing lines (ie mogul-lines). The Dirty Tray Vision (DTV) System checks each and every starch tray immediately after printing and can be programmed to take action if the tray is flawed. This offers spectacular benefits in terms of quality, waste reduction, manpower and many other aspects of the production process and of the end products. Check out the video to learn all about it!

Please visit the site for more information.

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